Brakes Service Bundoora

Brakes Service Bundoora

In cars, the braking system is one of the most important vehicles safety features. Our qualified brake mechanics at AmbarSariya Car Mechanic possess expertise in providing quality Brakes Service Bundoora or General Car Service Bundoora. The service includes abs, front, rear, hand, pedal, drum, disc, pad replacement, calliper and brake repairs service.

We are Professional Mechanics

Moreover, our professional mechanics know how to handle a variety of car services. No matter you possess a passenger or SUV, our mechanics endeavour to make sure that your car is performing at its best.
Remember, poor brakes can lead to road accidents. When your car Brakes Service Bundoora requires special services, you cannot afford any sort of errors. So it makes a wise decision to leave your car with Austrailia’s leading experts in brakes. We only make use of high quality, re-manufactured and original brake parts.

Brakes Service Bundoora

Assurance Of Knowing Everything Is Good Is Valuable!

So, below are some of the important brake services that we provide for vehicles of every make and model

Front and Rear Reline

Worn components are replaced with quality parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer's requirements or when a higher level of performance is required due to an upgrade or change in driving conditions.

Hydraulic Service

Car brake systems depend on effective hydraulic parts and fluid that helps in stopping the car as it should. So, from the pedal to the booster, we make sure that all components run smoothly and safely.

Disc Rotors

Rotors are considered the central part of the modern car's braking system. They are prone to wear and tear and should remain within manufacturers thickness tolerance for efficient and safe performance.

Wheel Cylinder Replacement

Also, for rare components, AmbarSariya Car Mechanic also possess skills in replacing or refurbishing the parts.

Disc Grinding

It matches the original manufacturer's specifications that are necessary for smooth operation and optimum life.

Disc and Drum Machining

Disc and Drum Machinin is for
an improved life, better performance and smooth functioning.

Why People Choose Us?

Professional Team

Our car repair mechanics possess years of experience performing everything on your vehicle that includes oil to diagnostics.

Quality Guaranteed

We feel pride in the quality service we provide and stand behind everything we do by offering parts and labour warranty.

Latest Equipments

Our mechanics only use state of the art equipment and tools when providing repairing or replacement services.


The prices we offer are competitive and reasonable. Also, we assure you that there are no hidden charges or sudden surprise bills.
Brakes Service Bundoora

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